For more than 70 years, the industrial vehicle hire specialist

1946: The Compagnie Générale de Traction is founded by Gaston Trochery (industrial vehicle hire with driver)

1956: The Compagnie Générale de Traction changes its name and becomes Générale de Traction.

1963: The company has 80 employees and 186 vehicles. It is specialised in the transportation of gas.
It is reputed as a social company because of all the measures it sets up for its employees: protective glasses must be worn, regular medical check-ups organised, an insurance system for staff without their own Social Insurance, a solidarity fund used to distribute aid during periods of illness, bonuses given at the birth of a baby and a medico-social department.

1965: The Training Institute is established.

1968: Eric Sarrat, grandson of the company’s founder, joins Générale de Traction and takes over its management in 1978. The company continues its development in gas transportation and concurrently moves into the sector of transporting fresh products, with customers such as Danone and Gervais.

1978. First personnel takeover: the concept “Lease Back Social®” is invented and developed by GT. It ensures the dual takeover of its customers’ equipment and drivers. It gives the customer social and technical guarantees and allows the business activity to continue in the best conditions.

1979: Michel Sarrat, Gaston Trochery’s third grandson in turn now joins the Générale de Traction as Development Manager. He becomes Managing Director in 1986.

1985: The Générale de Traction now becomes GT Location. It now reasserts, down to its very name, its vocation as a vehicle hire specialist.

1987: First profit-sharing agreement and creation of the Driver’s School

1990: Establishment of regional subsidiaries. This organisation promotes an uncomplicatedstructure. Very few grades of hierarchy separate regional managers from their drivers, and teams do
not exceed more than 200 people.

1993: the company opens up its capital to its staff and sets up a system of employee-ownership of its shares.

2000: GT Logistics is founded, responding to the growing demand for industrial logistics.

2005: Launch of the GT Management School (EMGT), created to train its management staff.

2013: GT Location launches an innovative management system named “Grandir Tous Ensemble”, (All Grow Together) based on two convictions: for a business to be durable, it must constantly be in motion and this agility is based on the company’s human resources. Creation of GT Béton Services.

2014: GT Location takes over Ascension, located in Eguilles and is renamed in 2017 GT Méditérrannée.

2015/2016: GT Location continues its approach to promote change by launching the creation of VISION, to build with its employees, over the next 10 years, a strong, agile, competitive and
innovative company.

2016: Creation of GT Dauga, a joint venture between the Dauga family and GT Location, in the sector transporting ducks.