GT Location’s sales proposition is backed by a technical research department responsible for assisting the customer in implementing the technical proposal.  


  • A service adapted to your project


Each project study is given exclusive follow-up by one of our technician buyers who :

. Analyses the obligations linked to your business, your requirements in relation with your sales representative.

. Draws up and structures the material needs with you in the form of a specifications list.

. Carries out an After-Sales study to determine the suppliers best equipped to guarantee you a service of quality during the vehicle’s lifetime.

. Checks and follows the state of progress from the stage of the design of the vehicle right up to its arrival at your site.


The research department also comprises project managers whose role is the study and development of the sites:

. Seeking  optimisation of delivery rounds.
. Development of on-board I.T. systems via applications dedicated to your profession.

. Setting up tools to monitor efficiency (consumption, regulations, etc.)


  • Optimisation of delivery rounds


 Winroute makes it possible to create daily schedules (operational mode) and to optimise fixed transport plans (tactical mode). It can also be used to measure the efficiency and cost of your transport strategy (study/strategic mode). It was designed working closely with numerous dispatchers, logistics managers and research departments.

Winroute schedules comply with all the customer’s specifications (opening hours, delivery conditions), as well as the company’s obligations in terms of vehicles, drivers, storage, speed restrictions, legislation…

The automation and optimisation of the schedule enables time to be saved. This time saving opens up new opportunities, for example being able to accept orders right up until the last minute. It allows in-company resources to be used and makes the dispatcher’s work easier.


  • On-board I.T. system


GT Location equips its entire fleet of vehicles with the on-board I.T. system “TRANSICS”. At any time, the customer can know where his vehicle is thanks to geopositioning.

Examples of other functions:

. Route planner
. Delivery round dispatch,
. Messages sent immediately,
. Geofencing system


. Temperature alert,

. Real-time management of service time,

. Packaging management, (pallets, rolls,) etc