Prevention and safety

Raise awareness, train and guide: the essential trilogy

prévention“The first time it’s an accident, the second time it’s stupidity, but the third time it’s ineptitude.”  Adopting this English saying, GT Location has, for many years, implemented a plan for accident prevention, to reduce the frequency and seriousness of these incidents.


In priority, the plan has tried to make so-called minimal accidents less commonplace, to work on the deeper causes of events and identify the risk and recurrence factors.


So, as well as the usual required methods (risk evaluation, occupational health risk forms, single assessment form for professional health risks…), GT Location offers a range of solutions according to three aspects: raise awareness/ provide training / give guidance:


  • • Twice a month, prevention campaigns, published in the company news bulletin and displayed in subsidiaries and operational sites,
  • • raise awareness when new recruits are hired:  presentation of the company, accident report, rules for prevention, safety and environmentally-friendly driving…,
  • • training alongside a trade tutor to pass on the right methods,
  • • each employee receives a trade booklet which goes over the main risks listed about the business activity,
  • • after a trial period, a validation interview with the manager makes the employee’s “appointment” official.


















In the event of an accident, the driver must make a declaration via the accident helpline , which has the role of carrying out a de-brief with the driver in order to know the exact circumstances of the accident.
Then the manager talks to the driver to analyse the causes and implement a procedure to avoid this situation happening again.
In the case of recurrence, a tutortakes over with the employee to analyse what caused the accident and to encourage the driver to change his driving behaviour