Efficiency thanks to the ideas of each employee

In 2015, GT Location created an Innovation Department. The aim is to make the company more agile and to provide GT Location’s customers with new solutions in all areas: technical, organizational, safety, sales, etc.








This initiative, quite unusual in the world of transport, is totally in phase with the participative process carried out within the company; it is called All Grow Together. Each employee, whatever his post, is encouraged to share an idea, to work personally on its feasibility, whilst being assisted in its implementation.




Innovation means taking the lead  

Symbol of this process of openness, the logo “oZons, innovons” (“Let’s dare to innovate”) reminds each person that he can speak out and even make a mistake. Being allowed to make an error is part of the process !

logo ozons


Innovation is everywhere, but it often lies in a simple idea, which will make a delivery less complicated, make a manipulation safer or improve customer service. Being permanently on the road, drivers are in the best position to have ideas. The process of innovation plans to present their idea to their colleagues and if the concept is validated, a budget for implementing it.



« Innovate, make the company more agile, creates a favourable difference, take the lead and give each employee the opportunity to grow. This involves collaborative innovation, but also strategic observation open to all volunteers. Innovation draws its inspiration from the exterior; it’s also a way of opening up to others.»
David Bordessoules, Innovation Manager



The Déméter Club

GT Location is part of the Déméter Club. The Déméter Club brings together professionals of the logistic chain in order to develop durable logistics methods thanks to experimentation and collaboration.

The members of the Déméter Club have three guiding principles:

  • • Work according to the concerns and expectations of companies in terms of durable logistics
  • • Be active, with the implementation of trials and tangible tests
  • • Keep in mind the idea of mutual dependence and collaboration between logistics professionals, to have the best solutions all the way along the chain.