Industrial products

You have production priorities, the delivery over the last kilometre is therefore a major concern, as much for you as a manufacturer as for your customers.

Your are looking for a service provider incorporated within your production system who is capable of handling your merchandise as it leaves the production line and understand the economic issues linked to complying with deadlines.

More than 170 of our drivers and 200 pieces of equipment are at the disposal of manufacturers: :

  • Preparation and delivery of tyres or spare parts for vehicles,
  • Shuttle service between factories,
  • Solution of swap-body for deliveries to remote areas.



We adapt our solutions to the specific requirements of manufacturers and offer an incorporated service allowing you to focus on your core business. Our teams give a quick response, are trained for handling and delivery to industrial sites, to warehouses or even to worksites.



Our competitiveness and our commitment to customer service are the guarantee of quality service in compliance with security regulations..

  • Vehicles

    9 to 15 tons, 19 tons, 26 tons, 32 tons and articulated lorries

  • The vehicle bodies

    • Rigid body, fixed or mobile
    • Flatbed with curtainside or full tarpaulin cover
    • Steel flooring etc.
  • All of our vehicles are :

    1. Designed according to our customers’ needs (specifications list) and with the
      recommendations of our technology department
    2. Equipped to our standards in terms of accident risk prevention and to ensure the security of our drivers and to protect the environment (camera/sensor for reversing and parking, non-slip flooring, control for the tailgate at the foot of the barrier, etc.)