A company with a heritage, based on solid values

By launching the process “Grandir Tous Ensemble (“All grow together”) and by reflecting on its Vision for the next 10 years, GT Location has decided to set itself in motion, to release individual initiatives and shake up the established way of functioning, by drawing upon the qualities of the men and women who form this company.





Our identity


To be able to have a clearer vision of the future and to bring together each person’s dynamism focused on a joint project, GT Location has worked with its employees on the company’s identity, by defining for the years to come its objective and ambition, based upon its values :





In a coplex professionnal world, it is important to note the good stability of family-owned companies. Why do they withstand better than others ? Probably, because they know how to reconcile what is the most valuable to them : firstly loyalty to thei history and secondly their ability to innovate.
Michel Sarrat