Healthcare transport

Logistics services for hospital and environmental hygiene, storage, packaging, transport of healthcare equipment and products.

Specialised in healthcare logistics, we ensure made to measure services :

  • Removal, transportation and delivery of biological samples, blood products and other healthcare products
  • Storage, packaging and transportation of pharmaceutical products and healthcare equipment,
  • Special shuttles for transporting linen, meals on trays and medical equipment,
  • Management of emergencies 24h/24h, 7 days a week (transportation of organ grafts…)


A range of vehicles corresponding to each of your needs, with the GT Location logo or with your own identity, equipped with :

  • System of four temperature settings,
  • ADR kit,,
  • Manual means of preservation (dry ice, eutectic plates, isothermal wrapping),
  • On-board I.T., traceability solutions (barcodes, terminals for mobiles, GPS…etc.)




Our teams are trained and authorised by EFS-AQLI for the transportation of blood products and for management of deposits authorised by the Social Security system. Our GT Training Institute, approved by French Administrative Offices, presents our drivers with the ADR certificate concerning the transportation of infectious-risk substances.


A Security advisor, a Prevention Manager and an HSE Manager all guarantee reliable, safe services, carried out in compliance with all security standards.


More than just a service provider, GT Location brings you its skill regarding a global strategic consideration. Each solution is specific and is studied precisely by our Research Department.