Food products delivery

More than 500 vehicles based all over France

Our lorries and drivers make the refrigerated delivery sector GT Location’s N°1 activity. Beyond the technical proficiency of vehicles, the strength of GT Location for food product delivery lies in its experience and know-how of the business. With more than 20 years of collaboration with several customers, among whom Martin Brower (McDonald’s Delivery), GT Location provides advice and ensures the durability of its customers’ business.

  • The vehicles

    • 9 to 15 tons, 19 tons, 26 tons and articulated lorries
    • 15 pallets, 18 pallets, 21 pallets
  • The vehicle bodies

    • Bodies for dried products
    • Refrigerated bodies for fresh and frozen produce
    • Swap bodies
  • Supplementary equipment

    • Mono, bi or tri-temperature refrigerations
    • Double decker
    • Adjustable or retractable tailgate
    • Electric pallet truck/Forklift trucks
  • Urban delivery

    • Mains gas vehicles
    • PIEK standards 
  • All of our vehicles are :

    1. Designed according to our customers’ needs (specifications list) and with the
      recommendations of our technology department
    2. Equipped to our standards in terms of accident risk prevention and to ensure the security of our drivers and to protect the environment (camera/sensor for reversing and parking, non-
      slip flooring, control for the tailgate at the foot of the barrier, etc.)