Food-industry sector

Collection of poultry and transportation to your abattoirs

This must be done in compliance with health regulations and the birds’ well-being. You know the problems when there is a stoppage in a slaughter chain; you look for a transport service provider who is familiar with your obligations and the specific features of your activity.

Numerous companies of the food-industry sector have chosen to call upon the services of GT Location to guarantee their customers the reliability of deliveries and traceability of products. More than 140 drivers, 120 pieces of equipment and 200 vehicles are exclusively dedicated to transporting live poultry :


  • Collection and transportation of all types of poultry
  • Transportation of chicks and eggs for incubation
  • Transport of products for animal nutrition


Specialist of farmyard produce, GT Location ensures the transportation of chickens, turkeys, ducks ready for force-feeding and chicks for the largest food-industry groups. We also ensure the delivery of products for animal nutrition. All our drivers working for the poultry-farming sector are trained and monitored by training staff who are experts in this field. They all have CAPTAV certification (Certificate of Professional Aptitude for Transporting Animals).


Le Groupe GT est le seul prestataire agréé par le Ministère de l’agriculture pour Lutte contre la Grippe Aviaire (dispositif permanent en place depuis plusieurs années).

GT Location is the only service provider authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture in its combat against Avian Flu (a permanent system that has been established for several years now).

  • Vehicle bodies

    • Flatbed with curtainside or total tarpaulin cover
    • Poultry flatbed with an on-board trolley
    • Animal nutrition
    • Articulated lorry for fattened ducks, with automatic tarpaulin cover
    • OAC and chicks lorry with controlled temperature and hygrometry
    • Double decker articulated lorry with tailgate door (up to 5m in height)
  • All of our vehicles are :

    1. Designed according to our customers’ needs (specifications list) and with the recommendations of our technology department
    2. Equipped to our standards in terms of accident risk prevention and to ensure the security of our drivers and to protect the environment (camera/sensor for reversing and parking, non-slip flooring, control for the tailgate at the foot of the barrier, etc.)