Employees involvement

Employees’ profit-sharing scheme

Epargne salariale

The aim is strengthen links between employees and their company, whilst encouraging collective saving and investments. GT chose to offer this system to its employees in two complementary forms : buying shares du Plan d’Epargne Actions (PEA),, and/or buy bonds in the Bonds Savings Scheme.

Moreover, a profit-sharing agreement is set up in each GT subsidiary.



The first shareholder employees : 317 people

The number of shares signed up for : 4515

that is to say, an average of 14 shares per employee



Employed shareholders and former employees : 637

Number of people who have become shareholders : 1645

% of GT Location’s capital held by employee shareholders 6%



Number of employee shareholders : 765

Number of people who have become shareholders since the creation of the shareholding scheme : 1982

of GT Location’s capital held by employee shareholders 6,77%



The employees’ profit-sharing scheme gives real added-value for everyone:

  • It strengthens links between employees and their company,
  • It consolidates the independence and stability of the company
  • It enables an employee to create savings and take advantage of tax exemption.



Carole Pernette, Manager of the Employees’ Profit-Sharing Scheme at GT Location, has established since 2015 new means to provide information about this option :
Every year, GT Location recruits people on permanent contracts.  It is important for them to know that this possibility exists as soon as they are recruited.  For these new recruits, but also for employees who are not yet shareholders, we created a brochure that presents the savings-scheme; it is sent systematically to all new employees. We also coordinate a page about savings on the in-company social network.  Each employee can find all the necessary information: current value of the GT share, update of rates, terms and conditions for buying shares, regulatory information in the event of an employee leaving the company, each shareholder will have the possibility in future of consulting his account online, etc.”


All Grow Together

In 2013, GT Location launched an innovative management process named « All Grow Together », which places human relations at the heart of the company’s organisation, whilst modifying existing management methods.

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Vision approach

In 2015, GT Location went a step further in its process of transformation by launching the preparation of VISION, to build with its employees over the next 10 years a solid, agile, strong, competitive and innovative company.


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Participative Innovation

In 2015, GT Location created an Innovation Department.  Each employee, whatever his or her post is encouraged to share an idea, work personally on its feasibility, whilst being guided in its implementation.  

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