Driver’s school

Since 1965, GT Location has placed emphasis on training

GT LOGISTICS - Ecole du conducteurAlthough training within GT Location has existed since 1965, it has had a new development since the creation of theDriver’s School in 1987 and a wholly incorporated infrastructure : training centre, GT Location training staff, an administrative department and boarding facilities with accommodation and catering on site.
This school trains people to become a lorry driver as part of a professional training contract.




98% -> the success rate for the exam taken by course participants atthe Driver’s School !
54% of course participants are hired at one of GT Location’s subsidiaries after their training
100e promotion -> training group -> The Driver’s School welcomed its 100th training group at the end of 2015.


Each training group (4 per year) can receive up to 26 participants. The aim is to progress beyond the C category Driving license, by training candidates for a level 5 professional qualification.


The training course unfolds in several phases :


  • 11 weeks at the training centre, at the Bassens site (33).
  • Exams are taken: road driving, flatbed lorry driving, professional role-playing, technical exam and a test concerning dangerous substances.
  • 4 to 5 months within a GT Location subsidiary where each candidate is accompanied by a trade tutor and a prevention tutor, specially responsible for prevention.