Business, construction industry & public works

With a fleet of more than 300 vehicles all over France, GT Location possesses expertise in business activities of the construction industry.

A wide range of vehicles adapted to each of our customer’s needs comprises our fleet and our specialised drivers (HGV/ SPL, CACES (Certificate of Aptitude in Safe Driving) 1/2/5 et R380/R390) are the guarantors of good quality service.

  • The vehicles

    • 9 to 15 tons, 19 tons, 26 tons, 32 tons and Semi-articulated lorries
    • Motility 4×2 / 6×2 / 6×4 / 8×2 / 8×6
    • Adjustable and/or directional axletrees
  • Vehicle bodies

    • Bare flatbed
    • Rail flatbed
    • Flatbed covered with tarpaulin, with lateral or total removal
    • Goose neck trailer for very large vehicles
    • Single tipper skips, double or triple-skips
  • Extra equipment

    • HIAB OR PALFINGER cranes, cantilevered or at the back of the lorry cab
      • All range
      • Equipped with remote-control +rotator
      • Jib crane
    • On-board trolleys, cantilevered or on flatbed
    • Hydraulic arm crate carrier/skip carrier
    • Tailgates with pallet truck
  • Lifting equipment

    • Automatic hook (GT LOCATION / PALFINGER exclusivity)
    • Forklift truck
    • Clamps for plaster slabs
  • All of our vehicles are :

    1. Designed according to our customers’ requirements (specifications) and the
      recommendations of our technical department
    2. Equipped in compliance with our standards in terms of prevention of accident risks to
      ensure the security of our drivers and of the protection of the environment (parking/reverse
      sensor, beaconing system incorporated into the vehicle…etc).