An environmentally-responsible and civic company

Since its creation, GT Location has always placed men and women at the heart of its services.

This commitment rapidly oriented the company’s actions towards the field of Societal Responsibility of the Company, particularly in the fields of sustainable development, civic action and employees’ involvement.



Alongside the ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Control),

GT is one of the first French companies to have signed in 2007 and then in 2012 the charter of voluntary commitments concerning CO2 emissions with the Ministry of Transport.

This charter sets out personalised objectives for sustainable development, mainly the reduction of CO2 emissions linked to the consumption of fuel by drawing up an overview to monitor these commitments. The ADEME makes an independent assessment of the procedures selected and carried out by companies which have signed the charter.


By this charter GT makes the following commitments:

  • Continue the modernisation of its vehicle fleet.
  • Experiment the use of vehicles that run on natural gas.
  • DDescribe the consumption reduction aim for each type of vehicle.
  • Use alternative types of fuel and take part in experiments on biofuels.
  • Raise the awareness of drivers about environmentally-friendly driving techniques and coordinate them to change driving behaviour in the long term.
  • Ensure communication about good driving methods, in particular by establishing systems to give encouragement.
  • Focus on the development and use of the electric and hybrid vehicle.


In reality, this commitment manifests itself as:

  • Training for environmentally-friendly driving for all drivers, aiming to reduce fuel and tyre consumption.
  • The measurement and follow-up of performance by each team leader.
  • Vehicles’ speed restricted to a maximum of 80 km/h.
  • Technical innovations carried out in partnership with customers: development of vehicles that run on mains gas (GNV), design of vehicles with PIEK standards, reduction of noise pollution in city and town centres, etc.



Quality and Security Policy

For many years now, GT Location has established a risk prevention process.
This process is coordinated by the Prevention and Quality Control Department, comprised of 6 people fully dedicated to risk prevention.


entrPrevention and security


  • Citizen commitment




  • In 2009, GT Location took part in the establishment of Fondation Entreprise et Solidarité, whose role is to help the most destitute people, financially and personally, to create business initiatives.


  • emmausGT Location and Emmaüs France signed in 2010 a partnership to encourage an encounter between the world of business and the Emmaüs movement. Numerous GT Location employees get involved voluntarily in joint activities, carried out each year.